OPERA to Theater

Audrey Federici | Opera

A unique skillset

A Strong Foundation

  • Versatility | While classical and operatic training focuses on a specific genre, it also provides a strong foundation in music theory and vocal technique. This versatility allows me to adapt to various musical styles and genres, a valuable asset in theater, where shows often combine musical styles to convey different emotions and narratives.
  • Vocal Mastery | Classical and operatic training emphasizes vocal control, projection, and technique. These skills are essential for performing on Broadway stages, where the demands on the voice can be rigorous. With this training, I can deliver powerful and controlled vocal performances that captivate the audience, ensuring the music is heard and felt with clarity and emotion.
  • Language Skills | I have performed numerous operas in languages other than English, including Italian, French, German, and Russian. This has given me a solid grounding in diction and pronunciation, which is essential when performing shows requiring specific accents or linguistic nuances.
  • Musicality | Classical and operatic training consistantly emphasize musicality and phrasing. This musical sensitivity allows me to connect deeply with the score and interpret it with nuance and emotion, elevating the musical aspect of a production.
  • Vocal Technique | One of the most critical aspects of classical training is breath control while understanding the subtle distinction of vocal production. These skills and understanding are vital for sustaining long, powerful notes and delivering consistent vocal performances.




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