Tonight for the last time, with this production of ‘Cabaret’, I will reach across the footlights, break the 4th wall to challenge the audience by asking ‘What would you do?’…

After a little over five and ½ months (172 days) and living out of two suitcases:

I can assure you, if EVER given the opportunity to Work with a creative team with over 20 years experience with the Production:

  • For 138 performances
  • Visit 60 different cities
  • Travel through @37 Continental states and Canada
  • Take a class in glassblowing
  • Kayak in search of Manatees
  • Have a Patron at an event ask you: ‘Where is the old Woman? I wanted to talk to her’
  • Have a Patron at a different event ask you: ‘ Where is the old Woman? I wanted to buy her a drink’
  • Cross the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Get scolded for kissing Too Many Boys
  • Kiss too many Boys
  • School a 25 year old on losing at Poker
  • Fail miserably at Trapeze school
  • Dance with a Pineapple for friends who have only seen you perform Opera
  • Not care that your roots need to be touched up
  • See friends you haven’t seen since High School
  • Have brunch with a cousin you haven’t seen since you were teenagers
  • Have your best friend and his fiancé take you to urgent care
  • Play Blackjack (and lose)
  • Play Roulette (and win)
  • Enjoy high afternoon tea in Canada
  • Always be the oldest woman in the room
  • Celebrate your birthday on a bus
  • Have your Dog ‘Winter in Florida’ with your parents
  • Hike in the Desert and see a Joshua Tree
  • Have your ex-fiancé and your current GF meet each other and send you a selfie at Opening Night intermission
  • Have your best friend from College get picked to dance with the Emcee during the Entr’acte when they are trying to surprise you by coming to the show
  • Ride a trolley Car in San Francisco
  • Meet R2D2
  • Get a selfie with Darth Vader
  • Learn what ‘Bougie’ means (and still don’t quite understand it)
  • Have a group of gals travel to see the show via ‘private jet ‘
  • Wonder why you are the bus, and not on said ‘jet’
  • Sing Karaoke (Badly) at a Speakeasy
  • Visit the Grand Ole Opry
  • Be amazed how many times someone is willing to see the show, travel to see you, and still look you in the eye and tell you, ‘I really liked it’
  • Stand on the Stage where Elvis Presley once performed
  • Learn how Bourbon is made
  • AND Never be able to look at another Pineapple Trinket without getting wistful

…with the most talented and dedicated Cast, Crew and Creative team with whom I have ever had the privilege to work to tell one of the most important and relevant stories in our current political climate.

Do not hesitate, do not question, don’t worry about the money, the lack of sleep and vegetables

Keep in mind there ‘may or may not’ be drinking involved:

Remember everything you need to know is ‘on the page’.